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New Paradigm Global Education

Our global curriculum is for students and life-long learners who wish to gain knowledge about the the world from a global perspective. It shares the knowledge and wisdom of the greatest teachers, inventors and creative geniuses in history, illuminating the story of all cultures and peoples and events that changed the world. It is the first time the story has been told in a way that will make sense of the world as it is now. Knowing the story gives us the knowledge and wisdom we need to find our place in it and far greater understanding and appreciation of all people living together on this planet.

The Whole Earth Global Curriculum has the answers to questions you've always wondered about! Here you will discover the most important things you need to know that are not generally taught in schools. The creative geniuses, great teachers and change-makers of the world serve as our role models. Hidden history will inform and inspire you, while the new regenerative scientific model gives you new ways to solve problems and find solutions for the problems we now face. The course will continually evolve with new discoveries and insights. You might even discover an exciting new path in life!

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New Paradigm Education
Global Regeneration
  Progressive View of History
Teaches the truth about "hidden" history.

  New History of Science
Old mechanistic, unsustainable science and technology compared to organic, sustainable paradigm.

  Global Regeneration
The new science of regeneration and how it is the solution for the future.

  Culture, Arts and Literacy
The importance of creative culture in fine arts, music, poetry, theater, books, films, television, multi-media, crafts and design

A Scientific Revolution in Our Midst

Now taught in many universities around the world, "Regenerative Science" teaches us how to work in harmony with Nature, rather than trying to "conquer" it.

The sustainable future is created as the environment is restored.
Regenerative Science
 Global Regeneration

  Regenerative Economics

  Regenerative Farming

  Organic Soil Science
   Renewable Energy

    Bio-based Industry

    Earth Restoration

    Sustainable Development
    Real Democracy